Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple yet powerful meditation that guides you through blessing the earth with peace, love, faith, hope, joy and forgiveness. 

Through activating the Twin Hearts, the heart and crown chakras, divine healing energy is spread through the body generating emotional and physical healing, You will experience energetic healing, increased mental clarity, inner calmness, peace and increased physical energy.

Master Choa Kok Sui
Modern founder of Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Meditation on Twin Hearts

An amazingly powerful meditation that cleanses the energy field, increases the flow and amount of spiritual energy through the body, helps you sleep better, improves mood, reduces anxiety, blesses the earth and generates good karma. By blessing the earth with peace, you are allowing yourself to experience a more abundant life filled with peace and a consistent calmness.

Results from a Study on the Benefits of Twin Hearts Meditation

Most types of meditation that have been studied, help to relieve stress and relax the body which in turn brings about a healthier body, but Meditation on Twin Hearts also promotes a healthier brain, greater mental focus, and emotional and physical benefits.   

The results of the study, The Impact of Meditation on Twin Hearts on Psychological Functioning and Quantitative EEG (brain mapping), shows improved psychological and cognitive function and an overall more efficient brain. This study was presented at the 2015 Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Conference. The presentation outlined the benefits from Meditation on Twin Hearts specifically resulting in reduction in anxiety, increased happiness, greater calmness and relaxation and increased attention and alertness.                              

The long-term benefits of Meditation Twin Hearts not only induce greater calmness, peace, relaxation and a reduction in stress and anxiety, also changes in brain activity leading to greater mental focus and clarity.  Experienced meditators showed improved cognitive function and increased gamma waves resulting in greater focus and attention.    

With regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts it is easier to process concepts. The mind becomes quicker and sharper during mental activities, conversations, reading and focusing.     

One of the first benefits most notice from practicing this meditation is better sleep. A follow-up study of Meditation on Twin Hearts conducted by The Pranic Healing Research Institute showed an increase in serotonin and melatonin levels, which help to regulate mood and are key components for proper sleep.

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