Get to Know Me and My Story

Carrie in front of piano

Since 2013, I have been helping people heal from physical and emotional issues and I specialize in narcissistic abuse recovery. I guide and coach my clients through the many phases of healing from a narcissistic relationship. From working through feelings of anxiety, confusion, unworthiness, distrust, people pleasing and fear to becoming empowered by restoring boundaries, self-worth, confidence and mental clarity.

Because of my personal experience, I easily notice and explain narcissistic behavior, and bring a level of understanding and comprehension to each session, which accelerates the healing process.

I was in a 13-year relationship with a covert narcissist. More and more I became aware of the distorted behaviors. The constant blaming, pathological lying, not taking responsibility, extreme defensiveness, anger outbursts and emotional vomiting when confronted, withholding sex, emotional distancing, gaslighting, sabotaging my friendships, constant criticism and voicing dissatisfaction. It was a never-ending roller coaster and I felt like I was walking on eggshells all the time.

Six years into the marriage, I found Pranic Healing. Being a Reiki Master, I was familiar with energy healing but was amazed at how powerful, immediate and effective Pranic Healing was. I now combine coaching and Pranic Healing to expedite the healing process.

I consider myself truly blessed to do the work I do. I feel honored and humbled to work with many people struggling to overcome traumatic life experiences. I am grateful to be in a position to offer support and I’m still amazed at the speed at which healing can take place.

I would love to connect with you and be a vessel for your healing journey!