How is Pranic Healing Unique and Different?

These are the 5 key differences that make Pranic Healing unique compared to other energy healing techniques.

11 Major Chakra System – In Pranic Healing an 11 major chakra system is utilized, which equates to 14 total major chakras, front and back, that we work with. There are 8 on the front body, 5 on the back body and the crown chakra. In addition to the 11 major energy centers, all the minor and mini chakras of the body and organs can be worked on.

Color Prana – Advanced Pranic Healers can access different color pranas. Each color has specific healing properties and characteristics. These colors accelerate the healing process in the body and contribute to the effectiveness of Pranic Healing. Certain colors disintegrate or expel energy while other colors reduce pain, regenerate cells or calm emotions.

Healing Protocols – Pranic Healing uses protocols for a myriad of physical and emotional ailments. These step-by-step procedures explain which chakras and areas of the body to work on and which colors to cleanse and energize with. Pain, asthma, cancer, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases represent some of the physical protocols. Psychotherapy protocols are used for emotional ailments such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, addiction and grief.

Cleanse then Energize – The emphasis is on cleansing the energy field. After the chakras, organs and energy bodies are sufficiently cleansed, then fresh prana is projected into the field. Projecting energy into a congested or dirty energy field is inefficient and a waste. If the pathway is not clear it’s more difficult to absorb and assimilate the energy. A clean vessel will function optimally and heal rapidly. Would you put fresh, clean water into a dirty cup and drink it? You would clean the cup first, then fill it with fresh water.

Energetic Hygiene – Built into the technique are specific protection features that prevent contamination to the healer and also the client. The Pranic Healer is taught proper procedures and handling of all types of energy to keep both healer and client safe.