• Pranic Healing
    An initial healing session lasts approximately an hour and a half. Subsequent sessions are usually an hour long. Pranic Healing is a no touch therapy. The practitioner’s hands are not placed on the body but are used to energetically sweep and clean the energy field around the client. During a session clients are seated in a chair and have remarked of feelings of relaxation, tingling, calmness, feeling lighter and pain relief, to note a few.
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
    Pranic Healing sessions specifically for emotional and psychological issues. By removing the traumatic energy stuck in the chakras; anxiety, addiction, grief, depression, PTSD, phobias, stress and relationship healing are some issues Pranic Psychotherapy can alleviate.
  • Distant Healing
    Healing sessions that take place remotely or at a distance are possible when working with energy. An energetic connection is formed between the practitioner and client, usually by viewing a photo of the client, and the healing is performed at a distance. You can be seated comfortably in your home and the practitioner will perform the same process as an in-person healing. I have performed distant healing sessions between cities, states and countries.
  • Space Clearing
    Removal of heavy emotional energy or negative energies from your home or space. Cleanse and purify lower energies leaving your home or business feeling lighter, calmer and clearer. Restore peace and calm within a space. Great before moving into a new home or business. 
  • Pranic Feng Shui Optimize your home or business with Pranic Feng Shui. By utilizing directional and form Feng Shui the flow of energy is enhanced within a space. The amount of energy that enters your home or business can be changed to increase prosperity, improve relationships, improve productivity and optimize creative processes. Bring more prosperity to your home or business with Pranic Feng Shui.

     Pranic Healing practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons – unless they have already learned Pranic Healing after receiving an MD degree.
     Pranic Healing treatments are not licensed by any state. They are complimentary to any state-licensed healing practices or services.
     Pranic Healing is a highly developed system of energy-based healing techniques that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy system by cleansing, energizing and balancing the body’s bio-electromagnetic field or aura.
     Pranic Healing practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.