Client Testimonials – Pranic Healing

She is not only a gifted pranic healer, she is an amazing mentor. I personally feel she specializes in narcissistic recovery. She has helped me re-write my story by her amazing techniques, lead me through breaking generational blockages, and recovery from an abusive ex-partner. It is a JOY and an honor to have her apart of my healing journey. She is an intentional human being, and that is so valuable, with such a powerful exchange of energy during healings.

Jenn Buffa

What can I say!! Carrie is extremely gifted spiritually and as a healer. She has helped me through some purely difficult times. Carrie has been a gift from God by assisting me in my healing journey, with my premature pregnancies, helping heal my post trauma and also healing my babies through her practice of Pranic Healing. Carrie is also an incredible mentor who takes time to understand where true trauma lies and guide you to the correct path. Her ability to spot narcissistic abuse is second-to-none as well as assisting in the recovery from it. Carrie’s healing sessions have opened my eyes to what narcissistic traits truly are and assist in healing mental and physical blockages as well as help me to create healthy boundaries. It is a BLESSING to have her a part of my growth and recovery from past and present trauma.

Jacyln Stapleton
Pranic Healing of a Fresh Wound In June 2014, my youngest daughter repeatedly skinned the same knee over a 2-week period. The wound healed overnight without a scab. Notice the 2 small scabs from the prior week when she fell. Carrie Viviano
Pranic Healing of a Fresh Wound In April 2019, my middle daughter cut her finger. I used the same protocol as above to heal a fresh wound. Within 4 hours the wound was almost completely closed. Carrie Viviano

Dear Carrie, I want to thank you so much for how you have healed my chronic headaches. I called you, you told me to lay back, close my eyes and relax and then to my surprise 30 minutes later my headache was completely gone! That was 4 months ago and I haven’t had one since! The headaches used to take me out for a whole day, sometimes two!  Thank You, Again!

Cathy Ventimiglia

Carrie Viviano …you and your very gentle soul helped me thru some tough times after my sweet girl passed. Thank you, Carrie. Would love to see you soon. ❤️

Kimberlei Horn

A trusting friend recommended Carrie to me for Pranic Healing, which I had never heard of before. She cleared some emotional blockages along with some minor physical things and I feel so much better. I definitely will go back if I feel I need to in the future. She is very caring and follows up with you to see how you are doing even weeks later.  ❤️💜 her. Thanks again, Carrie!

Shell McFalls

Carrie is my go-to Healer when I need a session. She is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to her work. Carrie has helped provide relief of physical discomfort and emotional distress on more than one occasion and I will continue to work with her when needed. I highly recommend her services!

Kim Rickert, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Pranic Healer

I recently had a Pranic session with Carrie and it was amazing! She is a very skilled and powerful practitioner! Carrie is very intuitive and I appreciate her confidence in what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! I will definitely be back, again and again.

Brenda Tringali

Carrie is an amazing healer. I just received an hour session from her where I walked in with hip and ankle pain and walked out with none! I also left with feeling so connected to myself and God/Universe. Highly recommend!

Wendy Fournier

I would call my session with Carrie absolutely life changing. Before my session I would hear thoughts/voices that were not my own, they were very negative and taking over my life. She changed that and now I no longer hear these negative voices/thoughts. This was a completely life changing experience for me. Now, my thoughts feel like my own thoughts with no voices other than my own. I was also depleted of energy, just exhausted. After my session it felt like I was totally rejuvenated and felt so awake and alive! I felt the energy moving through me all throughout the session. It felt so amazing. After the session, Carrie took the time to call me and explain what she had done and her impressions of the session which was so awesome and helpful! I would highly recommend Carrie’s healing for anyone who wants to experience a forever life changing experience! She is also so knowledgeable and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Thank you for changing my life, Carrie. 💜

Melanie P.

Carrie first started doing Pranic Healings on me when I was 5 months pregnant for my anxiety disorder. After the first healing I felt such a weight being lifted and continued with the healings to where my anxiety only comes back on rare occasions. At 7 months pregnant my blood platelets were very low. Carrie did a healing on me and noticed my spleen was energetically depleted. A few healings after, my platelets returned to normal, and I was able to give birth without a blood transfusion. Carrie continues to help heal me. Pranic healing is truly a blessing.

Paige Alderman

After several weeks of unexplained, debilitating nausea, which our family doctor was unable to diagnose or treat, Carrie did a healing with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, having little exposure to Pranic Healing, but was willing to try anything at that point. Not only did the healing put an end to the nausea, it also alleviated an excruciating lower back issue that had been troubling me for several months. Since then, Carrie has also helped to resolve my daughter’s chronic constipation and sinus congestion. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by, and grateful for, the results of her efforts.

Jennifer Jaily Munson

A few weeks ago I literally could not speak. My throat was so sore and infected. When Carrie asked me if I wanted to try a healing, I was dubious, at best, but was willing to try anything at that point. Imagine my surprise when after a few minutes, it was like someone was inside my head clearing the sickness away. Even more astonishing was that she texted me and could feel the same things I was experiencing. There would be no way she could have known that the pressure had moved to my frontal lobe or I had to stop to scream at my teenager, yet amazingly enough, she did. After the healing, I felt mildly better and forgot all about the experience as I had to continue on with my hectic day. However, when I woke up the next morning, it was a miracle! I could talk, my color returned to my face, I had energy … All I can say is WOW!! So for all those non-believers, you stay sick because next time I’m calling Carrie.

Debbie N.

Baby Luke’s Story


I offered Pranic Healing to an adoptive mother when she told me the unborn baby, we’ll call Luke, they were adopting, had been exposed to opiates.  I suggested Pranic Healing once the baby was born to help with the withdrawal symptoms. After all, there is an adult protocol for addiction, why wouldn’t it work with a newborn?

Luke was a full term pregnancy and born on November 13, 2014. I began distant healings November 15, 2014 and continued every other day for one month. The first day I worked on him the mother said his respirations were too low (in the teens) and he wasn’t eating. Halfway through the healing the mother commented “He’s wide awake and eating. He’s doing really well.”  The baby’s respirations improved and he fell back asleep by the end of the healing. The next day the adoptive mother commented, “Carrie, He is doing so much better today!  He is eating and breathing perfectly. The doctor said, he doesn’t even look like a drug baby today … His feeding tube is out too! I have to believe between your efforts and all the prayers we are receiving that’s why he’s doing so well!”

Every other day I performed a healing and would check with the mother daily.  Her feedback after 2 healings was, “He’s off the morphine! What a huge surprise this morning. He’s doing great so far.  The nurse said it’s amazing to be withdrawn this quickly!!!  They told us the norm [for his treatment] would be 2 weeks to 1 month in the NICU and increased doses of morphine.”

The 4th healing the mother said the baby’s respirations were high that day.  I began the one hour healing around noon. At 4:30pm the mother said, “He’s doing much better than this morning!” By 8:30pm she said he was doing much better and that his respiration rate was starting to normalize, he ate and went back to sleep no problem.

The next day the mom reported he was acting sick to his stomach and wasn’t eating. At 10:30am I did a quick healing on his throat, esophagus, navel and stomach. At 11am she said, “He ate more this time around.” and at 3:30pm she reported that he was, “Much better.  He ate like a champ”.

I was amazed at how quickly the healings worked. Shortly after the healing or by the next day the issue was better.

The next time I spoke with the mother she said that Luke started having seizures early that morning.  He had 3 by the time I did the healing at 2pm. Causes for the seizures could have been drug withdrawal, epilepsy or meningitis. To rule out the latter, he had an MRI and 48-hour EEG. I used the epilepsy protocol for the healing, which called for cleaning of the grayish energy between the right and left brain. I noticed the energy in that area felt heavy and thick. I continued cleaning and sweeping the area until the energy felt lighter and less dense. When I checked in with the mom a day later she said, “He’s doing wonderfully. He’s eating. He’s had no more seizure activity.” And once the results from the testing came back she reported, “[He is] fabulous. All the twitches are benign. Discharge likely tomorrow. He’s really turned a corner this weekend. He’s eating a lot and he’s super chill.”

I performed another healing that day and commented back to her that he looked better energetically during my scanning of him. She said, “I’m telling you, he’s a different baby!”

After being released from the hospital and at his 1st pediatrician’s appointment the mother told me, “The pediatrician said, he is showing no signs of withdrawal and that he’s behaving and looks like a normal infant.”

I began Pranic Healing® sessions at 2 days old and he was discharged at 12 days old. Carrie Viviano

An update from Luke’s mother: “Luke is a happy, active, very curious 21-month-old little boy. Has no developmental delays and is beginning to talk up a storm.” She also said he continues to test negative for Hepatitis C. His last test will be in November and he will no longer need to be tested.