Gratitude to the People in My Life

As I ponder the topic of my first blog, I’m filled with gratitude and the repetitive theme that comes to mind is people. All the people whom I have met through Pranic Healing. The wonderful clients I have been blessed to meet and help. The friends and family that have been supportive and allowed me to perform healings on. The classmates and Pranic Healing community that I’ve met at courses, workshops and retreats. The fantastic instructors that so gracefully and thoroughly share the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing. The inquisitive people I meet at events and expos.  The regulars and newcomers at healing clinics. All the way back to the first healer, that helped me.

I am beyond grateful and so thankful for all those along the way that have given me the opportunity to help. To friends who have listened to my explanations of subtle energy and clients that have welcomed Pranic Healing into their lives and accepted this amazing healing energy. Those that have taken the time to open their minds and hearts to a natural, innate, ancient healing technique. 

I feel overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for each person who has shared with me a piece of their life, their struggles, their knowledge, their humanness. As a healer, people tend to be more open, real and raw with you. For me that is refreshing and so welcoming, genuine. It is only human to bare your soul and your emotions when you or your family is struggling with health issues. I am honored to hold space for and support others with healing. 

I am grateful to the amazing teachers and their tireless devotion and dedication to sharing the teachings of Pranic Healing.

Without people, I would not be able to practice Pranic Healing. Without people, without clients, without teachers, mentors, supportive family and friends, and a Pranic Healing community, I would not be able to do what I love. 

With gratitude, respect and love,

Thank you