How to Keep the Flow of Energy in Motion

Keep the flow of energy in motion. When you stop the flow of energy, you either slow down or halt the flow of abundance. When you give generously, in any area of your life, you will receive abundance in return. Whether it be monetarily, with your time, with service, with healing, a talent or with your love, when you share these things and place them in motion, put effort and force behind them, you will receive abundance as an exchange.

Energy is in constant motion. To keep the flow of energy in motion learn to give, create, donate or contribute and then learn to receive. Begin to view material items as a form of energy. All material forms can be involved in some type of exchange. Plants, animals, material objects, information, data, money, books, furniture, art, etc. can be involved in an energy exchange throughout it’s process or lifetime, if you will. The process of creation is an energy exchange between creator and the creation or the work. Interactions and exchanges all involve energy transfer or reciprocation. The creative process is an exchange of ideas, materials, compilations and growth or even cellular exchange and multiplication in the case of organic matter.

Scientific laws and principles describe and explain the relation between energy as movement, transfer and exchange. Physics describes energy as having a capacity to do work and uses descriptive words such as constant, transfer, process, motion and interaction, when referring to energy. The law of conservation of energy states energy changes form, but cannot be created or destroyed. In physics, the law of causality states you cannot have a cause without an effect and vice versa.

The more energy you put in motion the more reciprocation you can expect. Beware what type of energy you put in motion! This is not only limited to positive exchanges. If you withhold energy or put negative energy into motion, you can expect negativity back and minimal or no abundance. Choosing not to share, stealing, lying and selfishness will reciprocate as lack, stagnation and hardship. Cause and effect does not deviate from its original intention. It does not switch tracks midpoint. You get what you give.

I continually receive abundance in many ways that serve as a confirmation that energy needs to be kept in motion. After giving a free healing to a person with a severe degenerative disease, the next day, I received an email from a new client requesting a healing. A couple days after donating to a charity, I found a misplaced cashier’s check, for $1,320 which was 2 years old and never used. I deposited the money back into my account. By continuing to learn, study and read about spirituality and spiritual practices I have come across more mentors and people that are like-minded and supportive, confirming I am on the right path and to continue with my passion and purpose.

Give generously in all areas of your life to continue the movement of energy. When abundance flows into your life, learn to accept it and receive it. Complete the transaction and continue the transfers of energy. In doing so, you are affirming to the universe you are open to receiving and willing to accept life’s beautiful bounty.