Change Leads to Growth

Change is inevitable. Everything changes. No matter how hard we resist. Change still occurs. We grow and change physically, starting as infants and growing into adults. We change schools, homes, jobs, relationships, friends and lovers. We change clothes, cars, furniture, hairstyles, cell phones, computers and upgrade everything from electronics to airline seats. This is the process of growth. With growth comes evolution. Some things are easy to detach from. Others, we have a stronger connection to, be it emotional, physical or mental.

One reason change is difficult is because of an excessive attachment to things. Not willing to let go or detach from a situation, person or item brings about pain with change. By focusing on the potential of what good may come from change it helps to reduce or eliminate the fear involved. Knowing change can lead to growth and evolution, may help to bring a little comfort and reduce the fear of uncertainty regarding the outcome. Realize it’s an opportunity for improvement, for something better.

Without change there is no growth. Think of cleaning out a cupboard or closet. There is always a point when you’re in the process of removing everything from the closet or pantry; when it looks like a mess. Piles of food or clothing everywhere. But once you go through everything and redistribute it. Keep, discard or donate. Then neatly reorganize back on the shelf. It looks better, feels better and functions better. But in order to arrive at that reorganization there had to be a period of chaos and restructuring. A time where it looked messy and felt overwhelming.

Change makes us stronger. After having experienced it we feel stronger. On the other side of it, it doesn’t feel so bad. On the other side, there’s relief and accomplishment.

If we look back, we successfully made it through all those events. What makes change difficult is holding on to unrealistic ideas and beliefs of how challenging it will be to go through or was in the past. If it’s in the past, there is nothing to hang on to. We don’t walk forward while looking behind us. If we did, we would hit something. If you’ve already gone through it, learn from it. Then the lesson won’t present itself again. When we learn from change and continue to grow, we become closer to self-awareness. Every lesson learned is an opportunity to spiritually evolve.  

What is the worst that can happen? And if the worst happens, then what will you do? If your response is negative or depressive, then the energy that is driving that thought is still within your system. The energy of defeat, failure or unworthiness is overpowering the energies of success, optimism and courage. Remove those energies and replace them with positive beliefs. The energy within our system that fuels our actions and thoughts is powerful. It could be beliefs we were raised with or ones that we developed from our own experience. Either way it will serve no good purpose moving forward. Delete the old, negative programming and reset. Move forward with confidence, hope and determination, filled with love and faith that nothing is beyond your capability.

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