Playing Big: Allowing Yourself to be Exceptional!

The repetitive theme I’ve been noticing is about playing big, allowing yourself to be exceptional without reserve. My spiritual teacher, MCKS speaks of leaving a “spiritual legacy”. How will you let your divine light shine?  Dream big, think big, imagine big. 

To successfully learn, grow and evolve we need to be bold, make mistakes, be willing to look at ourselves and improve our weaknesses, overcome challenges, stretch ourselves and try. A certain amount of confidence and perseverance is needed, but with each small success confidence grows.

Be courageous, confident. . . fearless. Be free. Free yourself from the thinking that you are not worthy or not good enough, not smart enough or any other limiting belief. Those are small thoughts about yourself.

Give yourself space and freedom to imagine and explore what you desire. Then have the strength, confidence and courage to pursue that. Know that you are intelligent and have the resources you need within you to reach your goals. Think big, not small. 

What is required to do this, to have this mindset? Healthy self-esteem; a healthy sense of self-worth. An open, receptive heart. Connection to source through your heart. Serving something greater than us. Helping others, making others feel good, making others laugh, sharing love, leading with passion. Have more passion in every area of your life. Find a purpose in every area of your life. Find purpose in all you do. Expressing yourself through passion and purpose is so much more powerful and a natural propellant to motivation. 

I don’t think God ever said, go ahead, be mediocre. 

What has great meaning in life? What are the things that you can take with you? It’s not the material aspects of this world. All the growth, learning and evolution we obtain are what is permanent.

There comes a time when the material world does not give us what we want anymore. It no longer satisfies our desires. It doesn’t make us feel fulfilled. Material things give us short term gratification or pleasure. Once we have that realization, we search for other things to feel satisfied. What are the things that will make us feel fulfilled when the material world doesn’t? Deep connection? Feeling like we’re contributing? Doing something that has meaning and purpose?

At the end of one lifetime how significant were your connections? What legacy did you leave? What would life be without connections? How did you touch the lives of others with your soul? Did you leave an emotional or spiritual legacy? Did you inspire change? Did you share your talents? Did you positively affect others with your love, passion, humor, happiness, knowledge, compassion or service? How much did you learn, grow and evolve?  How big did you allow yourself to play?