Life with No Conclusions

“If you have no conclusions in your mind, about anything, you will be soaked in Grace.” -Sadhguru

We should all strive to have no conclusions. Having conclusions means having expectations, judgements or assumptions. None of those which could be accurate. When these are suspended the ability to experience freedom is possible. The ability to lead from a place of peace is possible with a clear mind, free of outcomes.

I think I finally understand what being “present in the moment” means. Suspending all judgement and expectation allows you the ability to enjoy each moment and each person from a space of gratitude and appreciation. Allowing yourself to be peaceful and absorb the experience for what it is. 

Having no conclusions also plays into the principle of accurate perception and correct expression. A concept taught in Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui. If you get the first part of that wrong (accurate perception) the last will also be wrong (correct expression). When you accurately perceive a situation your expression will be correct. When you inaccurately conclude, judge someone or assume something anything that follows that will be an inappropriate or false response. 

I recently experienced this personally against me. Someone inaccurately concluded my action to be intentionally discriminatory and his response was overtly derogatory. He inaccurately perceived my action, thus his response was incorrect and hostile. If he would have not jumped to conclusions his response would have been different or there would have been no reaction at all on his part.  

How do we accurately perceive every situation? Through information. Through asking questions, truthful communication or precise intuition. When we partake in honest communication there is less chance of assuming, judging and concluding things wrongly. Less chance of misunderstanding one’s actions or intentions. If in doubt; talk it out. It is difficult to know anyone’s motivation or background without them honestly telling you how they feel. We can’t possibly understand their disposition because we all have individual experiences that have shaped our beliefs and affect our outlook, or in the short term, our mood and emotions. 

When you allow peace and love to pervade and embody the self, you are more apt to lead with understanding and tolerance which can ensure accurate perception. Being at peace and experiencing calmness brings clarity and an ability to operate without conclusions. When coming from a place of peace and clear thinking, it is easier to accurately perceive a situation or persons behavior without judgement, taking things personally or being triggered, which can lead to an inappropriate response fueled by emotions. Experience freedom and a calm, clear mind with no conclusions.