Unexpected Gifts on Your Journey

I know that when presented with something completely unexpected to embrace it. That it is a gift. I understand it’s my path to follow because in the least I will extract a lesson. Whether I view it as something to benefit from or heartache and suffering, I will have learned a lesson and grown. It could be the most amazing experience or a difficult, painful one. Either way it’s a journey that leads to an outcome. It’s a gift to graciously accept.

Some of our most profound growth comes after intense experiences. Both exhilaratingly joyful and deeply painful moments in our lives bring insights and lessons learned. And they usually are viewed as moments after the fact. Brief moments of time where only snapshots of memories remain. Not enough to fill the days or weeks that made up the whole of the experience. Thank goodness! 

The significance afterward comes when we extract the essence from the event; when we make use of the occurrence to propel ourselves forward by learning something about ourselves. Perhaps the event helps us to become aware of a pattern we repeatedly playout or leads us to change a negative habit. 

When true growth of character, spiritual growth, is experienced, there is a deep understanding that the person you once were, is no longer. There tends to be such a great shift that it’s difficult not to view it as a gift or a blessing. My heart fills with gratitude as I think of the painful challenges in my life knowing that I would not be where I am today without them. I graciously accept all unexpected events now, knowing they are a gift that will lead me to greater happiness. A gift that may bring me closer to my true self, closer to love and closer to my divine journey. Thank you!