Above the Clouds – Reaching a Higher Perspective

If you’ve traveled in an airplane, you know the view from above is expansive. Now, if you’re in the cloud or flying through it, how fare can you see? To see the greater picture you have to soar way above the cloud. Get even higher beyond the cloud, til it looks like only one cloud of many in the world.

We are often in the cloud while trying to resolve a problem. We are surrounded by thoughts and emotions related to the problem. Sometimes feeling too close to the situation. To have a more accurate perception of the situation we have to view it from a much higher perspective to see all the moving parts. From that higher perspective we can see how it affects the atmosphere, others involved and other’s perceptions.

While in the cloud we only see fog. A little above the cloud we see the top side of the cloud. Further above the cloud we see the cloud next to it. Even further above the cloud, we see the ground through the spaces between clouds. Even further above we see there are no clouds in the next town over. And beyond that we see the entire landscape of earth and the cloud seems minuscule.

It’s very difficult to have an expansive understanding when you’re in the cloud and all you see is fog. Let’s say you’re arguing with a loved one. When in the cloud all you see is your emotions and how the situation makes you feel. When you move slightly above you may realize why you feel upset. You understand you’re upset because you feel you aren’t being heard. Even higher above the cloud you see that this is important to you and it stems from a past situation. You didn’t feel heard in a previous relationship. Even higher above the clouds you can see all the times you’ve felt this way and that it started when you were a child. And even higher above you can see the solution and recognize how the other person may be feeling, too.

Once viewed from a top down approach it’s easier to take into account all the people involved, how each person is affected, how your feelings and responses affect the situation, what choices you have and a possible solution, once all things are considered. Get above the clouds for a different perspective.

How do you do this? Step back from the situation. Take a break, breathe or pause to reflect. Meditate or journal and ask yourself, why? Why am I responding this way? Why do I feel this way? Is this a pattern? Does it remind me of a similar situation? Once you understand the why, then you can formulate an accurate response or a solution. A higher perspective can be all that’s needed to reach a quick understanding or resolution.