How to Live with Passion and Purpose

This go around is too short to live without passion in life. It is but a brief moment when contemplating the scope of spiritual evolution. Live with passion and purpose now.  Don’t let things pass you by because of fear, indecision or being stuck in negative emotions. Move on from negative experiences knowing they only serve for the purpose of your growth.

Acknowledge the hurts and pain then release them out of your system. Forgive all those that you hold responsible for those hurts and pain. Then glow in the peace and love that will overtake your being. You must empty the vessel of negative energy to fill it with positive energy. Empty out so you can delight in passion, peace and pleasure. It is so freeing to finally let go of anger, resentment, unforgiveness, grief, etc. Once you do, you are flooded with so much love and peace. 

Give and receive. It’s difficult to give if you don’t embody it within already. Empty out first. Release old hurts and wounds. Let go of childhood experiences and wrongdoings from others. They did not know any better. They are/were but younger souls, on a lower vibration, still making their way. . . Ignorant to the levels of understanding and stuck in their own hell. Rise above by clearing and cleansing all that holds you back, all the negative thoughts, feelings, actions, people and situations. 

Release yourself from all pain . . .  emotional and physical. And don’t talk yourself back into it! I’ve had a handful of clients that are free from years of pain after one healing, then return to it again through thoughts of disbelief and identifying with their pain. Thinking they must experience pain and suffer as punishment or that it is just who they are this lifetime. Bull-shirt! Do you think God created misery to show you glory or to punish you? Polarity is needed. The extremes are needed to teach and learn. Don’t become immobilized by any pain. Understand that once you work through it you can revel in the bliss that will follow, the passion that you can experience, the peace and the love. All those exhilarating emotions can flood your being when you completely release and detach from the unwanted emotions, thoughts and energy that are taking up space in your body. There are so many positive emotions that feel so wonderful. Allow yourself to experience those without fear. 

There is a song by Paul Morton entitled, Go Through. The lyrics are “You gotta go through, go through, to come out”. 

Go through what you must so that you can embrace the love you feel in your heart, live with passion and experience peace daily.