The Greatest Way to Heal Humanity

While contemplating different acts of service, I believe one of the greatest acts of service is through the Meditation on Twin Hearts, given to us by Master Choa Kok Sui. When considering alternative ways to give to those in need they don’t appear to have the depth of impact for all involved as Twin Hearts does. 

If I give money to a charity or donate my time to volunteer, help a person through a difficult time or a group of people at a senior center, I am impacting a few people, maybe even a large number of people, but the ripple effect of that is limited. The limitation arises when the money is used up or the time is complete for that session. What are the potential lasting effects? The joy you may have elicited, the information, inspiration or encouragement that you shared and the love and caring you gave will all have a lasting effect. Any relief of stress from a lack of resources will most likely be temporary. The need will arise again after the funds are used.

Sometimes donating and giving money to charity can become very convoluted after touching so many hands. It is a much-needed institution and there are many worthwhile and decent charitable foundations.  I’m not saying don’t do these things. By all means donate your time, money and service and in the process create a lasting effect. 

How do we make an even longer-lasting impact? What are we ultimately trying to do when we decide to help? Relieve the suffering of others, correct? No one should go hungry, no one should be in pain, emotionally or physically. We want to provide relief from hardship, relief from pain, bring goodness and joy and uplift.

When you show these kindnesses, you are also helping yourself. You too will reap benefits from your generosity. You may experience feeling a sense of contribution, increased emotions of love and compassion and of course the reciprocal energy of your good act returned in kind through karma.

What is a way we can magnify the impact of our service? How can we spread our reach on a global scale? How can we positively affect all those around us and that we come in contact with?

With Meditation on Twin Hearts you are spiritually evolving the planet, all in existence and yourself. During the meditation you are asked to bless the earth with peace, love, hope, faith, forgiveness and joy. This act of blessing every person, every being, is so powerful because of the ripple effect it creates. Through this act of service, you are sharing the love in your heart and the love and compassion from God to flow from your being and touch all those around the world. Not only are you extending this energy on a global scale, you are allowing yourself to be the catalyst. The blessings begin with you. It gives you the opportunity to spiritually grow through increasing the amount of love and compassion that flows through you and out to others. It also aids in your spiritual development by activating and cleaning your energetic system and chakras which begins the process of spiritual advancement. 

When you spiritually evolve you affect every person in your life with your energy. You touch the whole of humanity by raising your vibration and emitting that to all through the connected network of energy. We are all connected. What I do to you I do to myself. What I give out I receive back. My energy will affect your energy. My evolution will affect your evolution. I will raise you up with my positive energy. And the reverse is true. We can drag each other down with our negative thoughts, words and actions.  

Help raise the consciousness of earth and all her beings by giving the world, and yourself, a chance to grow and evolve through generating more love, peace and kindness. The greatest act of service and way to heal humanity is through Meditation on Twin Hearts.