Working with a Narcissist – Ruthless Bulldozing

In a work setting, a narcissist will justify their back-stabbing, sabotaging, manipulation, gaslighting and bulldozing as productive wins. Being proud to get the job done no matter what. Not realizing how ruthless and destructive to the organization their behavior is. Not recognizing employee turnover is high and retention rates are low. Oblivious to the wedges they build and the bridges they burn because no one wants to work with a selfish, manipulative person.

It’s OK to be an over-achiever but not at the expense of others. We are taught in Pranic Healing to ask ourselves if our actions are kind, helpful or hurtful? Is what we’re doing helpful? And to whom is it helpful? Is it only for our benefit or gain, or are we helping others?

Are you hurting people, stomping on them as you get to the top? Are you kind with your actions, words and thoughts? Are you thinking I don’t care how I get things done as long as I get it done? Unfortunately, a narcissist’s focus is only on themselves so they lack the ability to recognize this behavior nor ask these questions of themselves.

Why does a narcissist behave this way? One cause is due to insecurity and low self-esteem. They are looking to other people to make them feel better about themselves. They are looking for praise and trying to fulfill the need to feel significant. Trying to conquer thoughts of not being good enough.

It may stem from attempting to please critical parents as a child or because of a critical boyfriend or girlfriend. Somewhere along the way they developed a hard, stern attitude, an insensitivity to others. And their ruthless, manipulative, back stabbing behavior was reinforced when they experienced praise for a job well done.

Regardless of the reason for their behavior, you need to not engage. Keep your focus, keep moving forward and find a different way. The right way to achieve your goals and complete your projects while being kind, helpful and not hurting anyone.

In the end, they may be holding the coins but they will be alone, without a team to support them, for they have trampled everyone to get their so-called prize.

Placing people beneath your feet does not raise you up. Lifting people above your crown blesses you more than you can possibly know.